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Logitech SetPoint

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    Klaus Ahrens 3 years ago
    — More than a substitute for Outlook
    Pros: Portability, easy import frpm MS Outlook
    Cons: Group functions

    This software is great. No problems importing my data from MS Outlook and Skype. I installed DAISHO on a stick and use it on every platform. That's an enormous gain of flexibility!

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    Phillip 4 years ago

    Great game, and free to play. Note, it is a bit grindish this game. You have to spend lots of time killing even one mob, even at the highest levels; but it is very enjoyable. The storyline and quests are multi-part, which adds a great dynamic to the game, and you earn your skills, which is great. Fun nonetheless.

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    Derek 4 years ago

    This program is an easy fix to annoying driver problems dealing with devices made by Logitech. 5/5 Stars

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