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    Guest 4 years ago

    Late version of Set Point for MX5500 Revolution on Win7 is 4.80

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    Michael Terkos 4 years ago

    Well Advanced System Care Pro is an excellent program, I don't mind if they recommend a program from time to time. Its my choice if I want to check it out or not.
    Software informer is a decent Utility. I found quiet a few updates that I didn't know were available at the time. I always check the site before I download any update, It only takes a moment to do so. If the driver I have installed for my product I am using, I don't download it or even attempt to install.
    Getting pissed over someone trying to offer you free help is counter productive to the situation. There really isn't any reason to have Informer load every time your computer boots. I use it once a month, most of the time, or weekly if I have time. So just chill out.

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    Guest 4 years ago

    Setpoint 5.20.40 only support Logitech Mouse - G9, G9x and G500 - according to Logitech

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